It's about more than amazing coffee.

"What are you passionate about?"

In March of 2017, we asked our community this simple question, and here are some of the diverse and beautiful responses we received...

family, music, beaches, and delicious espresso
— Travis M.
spreading love and joy to those around me
— Olivia
nutrition, cooking + discovering new foods, & learning more about amazing coffee!
— Kori H.
my relationships with the people around me
— Maclean D.
Raising my kids to be kind and respectful of all people
— Kristine C.
building relationships in order to help people find and use their strengths in their day-to-day life and work
— Amy K.
serving others making a difference in our community
— Greg
the unusual oddities in the people around me and how it makes them unique
— Olivia B.
Vols football - it’s what brought my fiance & I together
— Kaci H.
cultural and social significance in both food and drink
— Alaina
increasing access to clean, efficient, and affordable energy for everyone
— Katelyn L.
my husband and our dogs!
— Beth
listening to the heart and soul of musicians and songwriters who spend hours pouring their life into music for others to hear
— Brooke M.
rock climbing, running, cooking/eating, and drinking
— Jordan

So what are YOU passionate about? Tell us below.