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K Brew's Newest Location: Ebenezer and their first Drive-Thru

Named K Brew Ebenezer, our fourth shop is in the heart of the Bluegrass community, at the intersection of Ebenezer and Westland Roads. Since K Brew's inception in 2013 as a tiny coffee shop with 10 seats, K Brew Ebenezer is our largest location, offering close to 100 seats, a beautiful patio, and our first drive-thru.

We started serving in our new store in early 2022 - what was once an open field is transforming into a thriving community hub for the residents of the Bluegrass neighborhood, and travelers alike. You'll find all of the same excellent coffee, bagels, and service featured at K Brew's other locations.

What do we adore at K Brew Ebenezer? It's mainly the energy. The coffee shop is lively, loud, and bustling with members of the Knoxville community who are meeting, working or hanging out. You'll hear people talking, laughing, and listening to music; if the espresso doesn't wake you up, the atmosphere will.

K Brew is not only lively, but it also has some of the friendliest baristas you'll meet. The store's enormous open design is energizing and motivating. There’s always people coming and going; you never know who you'll run into. If you’re in a rush, drop by our awesome drive thru, to snag all of your favorite K Brew products from your car.

The Bluegrass neighborhood is recognized for its many local breweries, excellent restaurants, pathways, and lovely parks. After a cup of coffee at K Brew, head to Benington Farrington Pool for a lovely swim to end the day. Enjoy a beer at Point B and pizza at Donatos Pizza in the evening. You can also drive through South Peters road to enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, including Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine - if you're bringing lunch for a trip to the mountains, it’s perfect. 

We love being in this neighborhood with our latest store, and we look forward to a bright future serving the Bluegrass community! 

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